Monday, June 6, 2011

I did it!!!

Ok, the learning curve on any new activity is an amazing thing.  I have to admit, it took much longer to make my very first card than expected.  But I did it!  It was so great to finally take that plunge and do something different.  I have been scrapbooking for so many years, but had never thought about making handmade cards until now.  I am so glad I branched out.  I think cards that are handmade mean so much more.  Not only did someone care enough to send a card, but they also took the time to make it with their own hands.  Close to My Heart has so many card designs to choose from.  I will be setting up card making workshops in coming month.  It will meet one day a month for about 2 hours (length of workshop is pretty flexible).  During the workshop I will be teaching techniques to make your cards even more special.  You will make 6 cards and have a great time.  The cost of the workshop will be approximately $18.00.  Go ahead and do the math.  That is only $3.00 per card!!!!  Not to mention just having some get-a-way time doing something that is lots of fun.  I will post more as I finalize the details. 

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